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Genève Chantepoulet

Librairie 5, Rue Chantepoulet,1211 GENÈVE 1

Phone022 731 89 50
Fax 022 738 48 03
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Open hours:
Monday to Wednesday: 09.30 - 19.00
Thursday: 09.30 - 20.00
Friday: 09.30 - 19.00
Saturday:09.30 - 18.00

Our Chantepoulet bookshop was refurbished in 2005 to offer you a more user-friendly purchasing area. It now includes the biggest choice of English and American books in French-speaking Switzerland. As part of a genuine bookshop within the bookshop, the department's english-speaking staff will be delighted to put their expertise at your service. Besides the English section, this international-minded bookstore offers a wide selection of books in german, italian and spanish as well as in portuguese and russian. The French-speaking section includes of course all the departments of a general bookstore. New : Enjoy a pleasant nose-in-a-book session at our « Coffee & Chocolate » corner, thanks to our partnership with traditional swiss chocolate maker Villars. Exclusively for our shop : punnet-shaped box of fresh cream chocolate !


Christophe Jacquier