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The Looking Glass House

What happened before Alice fell down the rabbit hole ? Vanessa Tait, the great-granddaughter of the Alice who inspired Lewis Carroll's childhood classic, tells the fascinating story of the strange beginnings, as seen through the eyes of a naive and deceived school governess.

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CHF 24,90

The Ends of the Earth

July 1919. Ex-flying ace James Maxted's attempt to uncover the secret behind the death of his father, Sir Henry, murdered while serving as an adviser with the British delegation to the Paris peace conference, has seemingly ended in failure - and his own death. The trail uncovered by him leads to Japan and a mysterious prisoner held by Sir Henry's old enemy, Count Tomura. In the days and weeks ahead, the quest Max embarked on in Paris will reach its dizzying end at Tomura's castle in the mountains of Honshu.

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CHF 24,90

The Prophets of Eternal Fjord

Idealistic, misguided Morten Falck is a newly ordained priest sailing to Greenland in 1787 to convert the Inuit to the Danish church. A rugged outpost battered by harsh winters, Sukkertoppen is overshadowed by the threat of dissent; natives from neighbouring villages have united to reject Danish rule and establish their own settlement atop Eternal Fjord. As Falck becomes involved with those in his care, his faith and reputation are dangerously called into question…

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CHF 13,90

Edge of Eternity

The epic final volume in the CENTURY trilogy! As the decisions made in the corridors of power bring the world to the brink of oblivion, five families from across the globe are brought together in an unforgettable tale of passion and conflict during the Cold War.

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CHF 11,90

Ire of Iron Claw, The: Gadgets and Gears, Book 2

Someone is smuggling secrets out of the Kennewicketts' lab and sabotaging their experiments, putting everyone at the Amazing Automated Inn at risk. In pursuit of the villains, the family of scientific geniuses board their dirigible and take to the skies. Together with their robotic staff and the inventor Nikola Tesla, they must face murderous sky pirates, cross the Alps in a giant mechanical spider, and defy the perilous pigeon Iron Claw and the malevolent magician Madini once more !

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CHF 19,00

How to Hide a Lion from Grandma

When Grandma comes to stay, Iris has to hide her lion, as grandmas can get anxious if they find a lion in the house. But Grandma is acting suspiciously, too, and Iris is sure she has a secret of her own. To Iris's great surprise, it turns out that Grandma… is hiding a bear in her bedroom !

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CHF 12,10

The Melody Lingers On

As the assistant to a famous interior designer, Lane Harmon is accustomed to visiting opulent homes, so when she is called to assist in redecorating a modest townhouse in Bergen County, she knows the job is unusual. The home belongs to the wife of a notorious and disgraced financier, Parker Bennett, who dropped out of sight just before it was discovered that the $5 billion dollars in the fund he had been managing had vanished. Bennett had gone out on his sailboat in the Caribbean. Was it suicide or had he staged his disappearance?

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CHF 26,40

Prince Philip: I Know I am Rude, But I Like It

At the age of twenty-one, Prince Philip wrote to a relative: « I know you will never think much of me. I am rude and unmannerly »…This affectionate compendium brings together both the best and a host of less well-known stories about the prince, giving an insight into the royal world where he traipses around as a « fella who belongs to Mrs Queen ». From Prince Philips blunt speech making, to his fearless mocking of officials and captains of industry, to his fond teasing of Her Majesty herself, here is a truly regal celebration of the unusual daily life in royal circles.

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CHF 7,50

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